For a newcomer to Pulsar, or indeed to Modular Synthesis in general, the Pulsar Modular Synth can be quite bewildering. The new user could open a patch, find themselves confronted with something like this:


and be scared off modular synthesis for life !

As of the 1st Feb 2001 there were over 200 modular patches available to download from PlanetZ and Creamware's CW patch and user patch pages. Many of these, including Creamware's own, come with little or no documentation, and no real indication as to what they have been designed for, modelled on or how best to use them.

The idea of the following pages is to provide an area where individual patches can be examined and they way in which they work explained.

There are three separate pages, one for each version of the Modular. They provide a complete listing of all the patches available. At the very least they will provide the patch name, author, source and a brief description. If the patches have hyper-linked patch names this indicates that they have a separate page devoted to them, with a more in depth description, screen shots, signal flow diagrams, etc.

Click on one of the buttons to go the relevant page:


And in case you can't be bothered to scroll through those two big pages looking for pages  that do exist about individual patches, I've listed them below

Version 1

Version 2

Version 3

Monophonic Astronaut

Organic V2

Organic V1

Guitar Synth v1








AK47 Drumbox

Dog Pound

Dis+taste v1.1

Filter Percussion


Monophonic Astronaut v2

Mystic Journey2

Playin' The Pool


SOS Brass

Space Battle

Space Cadet  

Synth Guitar v2


All MIII patches now have their own page. Go to the v3 patches page for the links.

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