Rather than having to trawl through the 'What is it?' page to find out which modules I've documented so far, you can also access them directly from here. The 'What is it?' page does have more general information on the Modular synth and it's components, but the individual modules are documented in the pages below.

Third party modules for versions 2 and 3 are documented on the same page as they should work fine in both versions.

Version 1

List of all Version 1 modules

Version 1 Oscillators

Version 1 Envelopes

Version 1 Filters

Version 1 LFOs

Version 1 Midi Modules

Version 1 Mix and Level

Version 1 Effects

Version 1 3rd party modules



Version 2

List of all Version 2 modules

Version 2 Oscillators

Version 2 Envelopes

Version 2 Filters

Version 2 LFOs

Version 2 Effects

Version 2 and 3 3rd party modules





Version 3

All version 3 Modules




Version 4

All version 4 Modules





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