Jaded800 (See the main Jaded800 patch page for more details on this patch.)


The most up to date manual for the Modular II is the one that ships with the Elektra card.

You can find this for download on the Creamware Manuals page.

Here is the Modular1 manual (562 kb).


For a full list of 3rd party modules available for SFP, see the 3rd party modules page.

Modular 1 (Creamware) - The Modular I no longer ships as standard with the Pulsar software, and it is no longer part of the current Pulsar/Scope product line.

However, you can still use v1 Modules within Modular v2, and Luna users may also be able to use Modular I with their cards. You can download the v1 modules here, but use within Pulsar or Luna software is not officially supported.

Modular 1 (3rd party)

Modular 2 (3rd Party)

Text files

Robin Chard's v2 DSP usage chart here. According to Robin, these figures are unchanged in v3.0.

Guy Eastwood's intro to Modular Synthesis Pt  1 -here (5.6 Meg)  or read it online here (pdf - 220kb).

Guy's intro (text only, no sample modules) - here  (150 kb)

Waldorf's Microwave II/XT manual - explanations of how the wavetable works (page 33 onwards)  here